Software Development, SEO and Internet Marketing Inc. is a software development, SEO and Internet Marketing firm located in Canada. We offer SEO and SEM services through our SEO Wizardry division. also offers Internet Marketing products and software. In addition to our Internet Marketing software we also develop mobile applications for Android and Apple iOS devices and desktop software such as “Simple Server Monitor“. We also develop web based applications and back end infrastructure tools as well as provide consultation services for internet based projects.

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Simple Server Monitor is an affordable, powerful, and user-friendly server monitoring utility that will continually monitor the status of your servers and web applications. When network uptime losses are detected, our monitoring utility notifies you via any combination of these alert methods:

•Pop-up Messages
•E-mail / Cell Phone Alerts
•Desktop Audible Alerts
•External Application Launch

Customize Simple Server Monitor to suit your monitoring needs. When utilizing our easy-to-set-up alert methods, you remain in touch with networks and servers from anywhere in the world – maintain server uptime awareness without sacrificing mobility.